Dat Neffi.

Greetings. I'm Neffi, a 19-year-old girl from Poland who likes to draw random things, mostly animals, dragons, fantasy creatures, MegaMan stuff or Pokemon. Thanks for stopping by.

What Neffi has been working on for last few days uvu

I feel like I’m getting steadily better at drawing Takakage, which makes me happy. I know it’s Motonari’s birthday today, but I’m sorry, maybe I’ll try to draw him later…

So yeah, have some of my Takakage practice~

And with this random lineart of Takakage with a Snivy I say good night to you~



go to bed neffi




Have I told you yet I fucking love your Takakage reaction images? XDDD

How to make Emmie happy

  • Hey Emmie let’s talk about rats
go the fuck to sleep

I’m not sleepy ewe

I may not get a chance to nightblog again any time soon uvu

Lemme randomly throw in a piece that always puts me in good mood

It’s playing in my ears right now and further ensuring me I don’t want to go to sleep XD